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Here you will find great advice, tips and tricks and other interesting information about all the services we offer. We hope you will find these posts inspiring and motivating.

As an experienced Barrie landscaping company, retainign wall contractor, pool installation contractor, snow removal contractor and driveway and walkway contractor, we have the knowledge and experience to help you to get any of these services done right. We provide expert advice and pride ourselves on completing your project to your absolute 100% satisfaction!

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Helpful Tips to Get Your Outdoor Landscape Ready to Impress!
May 15, 2017

What if everybody who comes to your home was in awe of the outdoor landscape. Isnít that what every 'house proud' home owner wants? Simcoe Contracting can create your gorgeous residential landscape and with the great weather here, itís the perfect time to get Barrie's best landscaping company at your property getting it ready to impress.

Every spring itís important for us to help you make a plan and get your outdoor landscape ready to impress during the warmer months. So we're sharing these helpful tasks that Simcoe Contracting does to get your home's outdoor landscape the best it can possibly look.

We assess your home's landscape: As an experienced landscape company in Barrie, one of the first things we do is a walk through of your property with you to make sure there is no damage or dangerous issues. Any debris, sink holes or other issues caused by the winter must be attended to as part of any landscaping project.

Check your irrigation systems: Winter can take a tole on your irrigation system. We will make sure that all the valves, nozzles and sprinkler heads are working properly. An irrigation system helps a lot to get your outdoor landscape looking it's best.

Lots of cleanup: The winter often leaves behind various debris such as branches. twigs, leaves, and other materials throughout your outdoor landscape. This is also part of the walk through we do with you. We will clean up all the debris helping to make your outdoor landscape ready for this year's outdoor landscape project.

Fertilize: It's time to fertilize at the beginning of spring. This gets everything in your outdoor landscape growing and on it's way to looking beautiful again. Simcoe Contracting knows the right fertilizer and amount to apply to your outdoor landscape. As an experienced landscape contractor in Barrie we know what it takes to nurture healthy growth of your outdoor space. The result is an outdoor landscape that your family and friends will love, enjoy and even envy!

Bring back your lawn: It's common to find a few dead spots or bad patches of grass after the winter season. Now that it is spring it is the best time to take care of these issues. We will loosen up the soil, over seed the bad areas in your lawn or even lay down sod. We want to do this during the spring (as soon as possible) to keep the weeds and crabgrass from taking over your beautiful outdoor space.

Pest control: Simcoe contracting also has the expertise to control the bugs & pests from affecting your outdoor landscape. They can cause a lot of damage to your grass, trees and plant life. We will keep your beautiful oasis looking it's best all season long. We use safe and natural solutions to protect your outdoor landscape from these harmful pests.

Finishing touches: After your lawn and other outdoor landscape elements are ready, we add the finishing touches. Mulch and plants done right will add the aroma, highlights and colour to make your outdoor landscape the beautiful oasis you want. These final touches also have function; mulch helps retain moisture and will help make your new plants, shrubs, flowers and other outdoor landscape elements reach their full beautiful potential.

Simcoe Contracting is your best choice for Barrie landscaping - experience the difference choosing us as your Barrie landscaping contractor will make: We offer honest, professional and complete landscape services in Barrie and area. We have the knowledge and expertise you need to make your outdoor landscape the best it can be. Let us do the work and take away the stress and hassle of doing the work yourself or dealing with inexperienced contractors. We provide high-quality, efficient landscape services that you can trust. Free consultation are available so call us now!

Tips for choosing a Barrie Pool Installation Construction Contractor
May 1, 2017

A lot of us really enjoy swimming or just lounging around the swimming pool. If you are planning on hiring a Pool Installation Contractor in Barrie, here are some things to keep in mind. Installing an in-ground pool is aesthetically very appealing and they come in a wider variety of shapes & sizes. As an experienced pool installation contractor in Barrie, we can help you with all the decisions.

Your in-ground pool can be designed for safe diving and designed to accommodate laps. However it is important to plan ahead and choose the right Barrie pool installation contractor since a concrete in-ground pool installation could take up to 12 weeks. There are other material choices though including vinyl and fiberglass; as your best choice for pool construction in Barrie, we will help you make the best decision for you. Another reason to choose us as your pool installation expert is that this may be the most complex addition you'll make to your property. We will have to assess your land for construction compliance, access for construction equipment, and additions like fencing, patios, walkways, landscaping, and even retaining walls.  As an experienced professional with pool construction in Barrie we will be able to guide you through all these details with no surprises. Getting stuck with an inexperienced installer could be very costly. Companies or individuals that promise cheap (too good to be true) prices often bury necessities such as steps and pumps in the fine print, and will surprise you with those additional costs. Also we encourage you to call our references Ė we have many happy Barrie pool installation customers.

We will help you choose the best location for your in-ground pool construction. Sometimes there is only one place where itís easiest to dig, and some backyards have hidden rock formations under ground that can prove problematic. Youíll also want to consider the proximity of the pool to other structures or trees in your backyard. Having trees hanging over the pool can increase the need to clean the leaves and other droppings. Also a shaded area over your pool can also make for cooler swimming or increased costs with heating your pool. There are also safety concerns and it is a good idea to keep the pool within view of where you like to relax so you can still monitor those swimming in your pool.

All pools in Barrie have to be kept safe and require some barrier to stop children from wandering in unsupervised. By law your in-ground pool will require the installation of fencing to act as a protective barrier. We will help you with the many choices you have for fence installation. Your pool fencing can even include self-closing and self-latching doors. Other options are also available for your pool safety such as door or motion alarms to alert you when a child is in the pool area.

Youíll also want to choose a pool cover. Pool covers prevent debris from getting in, help prevent evaporation and help retain pool temperatures. There are several cover options Ė as your pool installation Barrie expert, we will help you choose among pool covers that that are child-resistant and ones that are designed to keep your pool protected during the winter. Weíll make sure you know the purpose of each before buying.

Owning a pool can be absolutely fantastic and can add so much fun, entertainment and even exercise to your life. Let Simcoe Contracting make sure your Barrie pool construction project is the best decision you ever make for your home and your family.

Using a financially stable Barrie landscape company
April 15, 2017

Not all companies are the same in the Barrie landscaping industry. Using a reputable and financially stable landscaping company can protect you and there are some other benefits too.

Quality materials: A financially stable Barrie landscaping company may have better access and better relationships with their suppliers. This may result in you getting a higher quality product for the same price since a more professional landscape company knows that the true cost of landscaping can actually be lower when using better materials.

Lower Cost: A Barrie landscaping company that purchases larger quantities of materials and pays their suppliers on time will often receive discounts for their loyalty and good business practices. Simcoe Contracting passes those savings on to you with better pricing.

Design capability: As a financially stable Barrie landscaping company, Simcoe Contracting has the ability to provide a designer for your landscaping project. This insures that the landscape design "vision" stays intact during the entire process because both the design and the implementation are carried out by the same team.

Quality labour: A Landscape company in Barrie that is financially stable tends to be a better employer. This is true for Simcoe Contracting and it enables us to attract and keep better employees that enjoy their work, providing you with a higher quality finished result.

Bi-law Compliance: Barrie has many laws and regulations that we need to be follow in the Barrie landscaping industry. As a professional and financially stable Barrie landscaping company, we are experienced with all these compliance requirements. This is important for property owners because some violations are taken very seriously.

Warranty: You want a financially stable Barrie landscaping company that is going to be around long after the work is completed. Many financially unstable companies come and go in the Barrie area. If you have a warranty issue you can count on Simcoe Contracting to make it right. Your best choice for a Barrie landscaping company.

Landscape company Barrie / Retaining wall contractor Barrie
March 30, 2017

Tackling a landscape design or retaining wall construction on your own can be overwhelming. It is no debate that it is a lot of work, so let Simcoe Contracting do the landscaping design and retaining wall construction for you. As a landscape company in Barrie we know what it takes to do the job right. We'll start by making a list of your needs and wants. Any landscaping design or retaining wall project has a tangible goal. Perhaps an entertaining area or play area for the kids, or maximizing your properties usual space.

We know Barrie and the surrounding area and we will recommend that your design take into account what the sun and wind do at different times of the day and year. As as an experienced Barrie landscaping company, we know what works best and can help you make the best decisions for you.

There are many good design techniques such as working around a focal point. Many good landscape designs have a focal point or series of focal points, this is one of the easy principles that we will share with you as your experienced Barrie landscaping company. Maybe be a favourite tree, or a stunning plant, or a series of shrubs; we have many great ideas for your landscaping project. The idea is to draw your eye and move it through your landscaping creation. Another idea is to focus on scale and pacing. This gives your yard a coordinated look. We can use variations in colour, size and shape with tall plants behind a flowerbed or against a building, with paths that lead through the space. We can repeat some elements so there's a sense of cohesion, but at the same time we may add the occasional element that's different so as not to be monotonous. It is these subtleties of design that you can only get from Simcoe Contracting; your experienced Barrie landscape company

We can also help you to save money when buying everything needed for your Barrie landscaping or retaining wall project. You only pay for the for the sand, soil, rocks, mulch, and other loose landscaping materials that you need. We are experts at calculating how much you need. Also with some items, there's little difference in quality between top-of-the-line and economy so why pay more. As an experienced Barrie landscaping company and retaining wall contractor, we know how to get the best value. Take advantage of our experience for all these materials as well as annuals and perennials, pavers, and containers.

Retaining walls are not just for holding back soil. We create beautiful outdoor living spaces that work with your lifestyle. Using beautiful materials and experienced design, we build retaining walls that add an additional level or beauty to your yard. Simcoe Contracting is your creative retaining wall contractor in Barrie and area. Size does matter with retaining walls and larger walls above four feet may need us to involve an engineer and meet local building codes. We help with all these details for you. And there are lots of design choices that we will help you with in building your retaining walls also. We work with manufactured and natural stones, in all shapes and sizes and incorporating numerous design options. We will also plan for proper drainage. This is an important feature where needed, since you don't want to dig out the pipe later to unclog it or have water building up or going where you don't want it. Planning with great advice and help with all your choices, professional build quality and timeliness, and a beautiful finished project done right -- that is what you get with Simcoe Contracting. We are your best choice for a Barrie landscaping company and retaining wall contractor Barrie.