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WE WERE BORN WITH TWO GREEN THUMBS!!  Weather you need us to take care of cutting your lawn, trimming your shrubs and hedges or redesigning your entire yard we are here for you! 

Or attention to detail and attention to cleaning up after we are done sets Simcoe Contracting apart.  We will ensure your home/property always looks the best it can in a professional manner! 

We stay constant on all the landscaping trends and conditions!  Go with the team that knows!!

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Barrie Landscaping Services: We organize our projects to the letter and the second, we do not over book and under perform we pre-plan all of our projects taking into consideration possible season change & varying conditions!

Barrie contractors for home renovations, retaining walls, decks and drives walks construction, pool installation, residential and commercial snow removal, property maintenance and landscaping services.
Cutting lawn, trimming shrubs and hedges, or redesign an entire yard project incluiding swimming pool. We will ensure your home/property always looks the best it can in a professional manner!

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